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Fiqh of L♥ve – A P☻em

By Anonymous
From the words of the Lord above, watching us,
Shaikh Waleed came to NY to teach us the Fiqh of Love,
He had some goals for us, to appreciate the work of the scholars,
To get results in our lives, become better spouses and followers.
The Prophet as a husband, the fact that he is our best example,
In every aspect of his life, he had extremely high credentials,
He married all his wives for elevated reasoning, not similar to the cats today,
Even in expressing love for our wives, we barely follow his way.
He told …

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[26 Mar 2009 | Comments Off on asSalaamu alaikum! | 1,541 views]

Welcome to PPN’s blog… what’s cooking?

alHamdu lillaah, Tayybah’s PPN team is at it again… with their own blog that promises to catch the essence of every seminar and it’s impact on Tayybah, along with memorable moments and pictures galore!

That’s in addition to the Notes of course. And not any notes, the much coveted “Professional Notes”…
Higher Standards, that’s our goal. More to come ISA.

so yallah, Bismillaah!
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