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[8 Aug 2014 | No Comment | 2,489 views]
Divine Link PPN

Eid Mubarak folks!
Here is a little Eidiyyah for you all.

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[1 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 11,738 views]
AlMaghrib’s Saabiqoon!

Congratulations to AlMaghrib’s fist batch of graduating students!

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[19 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 2,722 views]
Vote Now! Pick out your favorite…

We asked some students to share their seminar experience and many have shared heartfelt pieces. Read them all here. We want you to vote on which one is your favorite! Go to the polls here.
The winner of the popular vote will receive a special prize during our next seminar. So, make your vote count. 🙂

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[22 Feb 2011 | No Comment | 1,342 views]
Testimonial: In the Eyes of a Traveler

Bismillah, the first phrase that escaped my lips when I entered the Iron Jungle along with my brother and sister. From the time we crossed the GW Bridge into New York City, the bustle of city life did not dim down until we entered the amphi-theater where my dear Tayybah volunteers were busy making sure everything was in check. There was Omar testing the microphone before handing it to the Ameer. I gave Omar a big hug, it had been a while since I saw him last. Taking our seats …

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[18 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 7,232 views]
Top 10 Things You Need to Know About M♥rriage

1. If your job gets all your energy, the marriage withers.
If your job gets all of your energy, then it becomes your spouse’s competition and no one wants that. Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala) created marriage for us so that we can enjoy each other permissibly. Not only can this bring us pleasure but it can also lead us to being rewarded by Our Creator! Take advantage of this. It’s a source of reward and happiness so don’t turn it into a source of sin and despair.
2. One of the greatest gifts you …