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[22 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 3,338 views]

By Afaf Sultana
May 2013
In some countries and societies around the world, female newborns are disrespected and less favored than males. This custom of considering girls as inferior is not new, rather it has been going on for thousands of years. For centuries, women have been physically and mentally tortured. In the time of jahiliyya, for example, people became unhappy when they heard the news of a newborn girl. Allah mentions this in the Quran,
“And when one of them is informed of the birth of a female, his face becomes dark, …

Complicated, Featured, Tayybah Times »

[22 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 4,254 views]

By Naveed Shah
June 2013
Being a guy, I have to admit it was kind of weird going to a fiqh class on women. When I was telling my friends about it, they all were very hesitant to come and most didn’t come. I have to say, they made a BIG mistake! This class was one of the most important decisions of my life. Shaykh Waleed Basyouni broke down the complicated fiqh issues of women in a simple and understandable manner. After taking the class, I feel confident in my knowledge of …