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The Last Breath: Fiqh of Death & Inheritance Crossword Puzzle

9 March 2011 176,415 views No Comment

See the original crossword puzzle by sr. Hoda in PDF format here. View the bottom of the page for the original answer key.

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  • 1. The only time you could wish for death is if there is...in the religion.
  • 2. The Sunnah is to use the color...for shrouding.
  • 3. The reward of praying Janazah is 2...which are 2 mountains in Jannah.
  • 4. Male and female far relatives receive...shares of the inheritance.
  • 5. How many shrouds are used for a female?
  • 6. The three verses about inheritance are in Surat Al-...
  • 7. ...to humans takes priority over the...to Allah.
  • 8. You can't paint, build, write or....on the grave. It is a major sin to...on the grave.
  • 9. Before seeking help from human, seek help from...!
  • 10. ...had the right to inherit in Islam before any other civilization.
  • 11. The key to happiness is to balance balance between these physical, mental,..., social, financial, spiritual, and educational (fill in the missing one).
  • 12. By...and screaming you bring torture to the peron in their grave.


  • 13. What is the minimum number of shrouds?
  • 14. True or False, Women can walk in a Janazah but behind the men.
  • 15. How many shrouds are used for a male?
  • 16. Allah loves silent in three situations (1) when Qur'an is recited (2) at battle (3) at a...
  • 17. Visit the graves as it reminds you of the... (Al-Jami' 8666)
  • 18. What is the speed of walking in a Janazah?
  • 19. True or False, Burying and shrouding has the priority over paying off debt.
  • 20. It is sunnah to bury the dead in...the Prophet (SAW) was buried in...
  • 21. How many shrouds are used for a person who dies in Hajj or 'Umrah?
  • 22. You have to spend four months and ten days hidad if your....dies.
  • 23. Where should the Imam stand when praying Janazah on a female?
  • 24. Where should the Imam stand when praying Janazah on a male?
  • 25. When you are dead everything could hear the soul except humans and the...

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Answer key for the above PDF is available here (also in PDF format).

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