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“If you seek the truth, you need proof”

29 July 2011 1,955 views No Comment

The Qur’an and Sunnah define our Deen
Knowledge in their sciences empowers our esteem
“But so much disagreement,” a student may ponder…
“To learn the true meaning is truly a wonder!”
So many groups and so many sects…
Pulling on us from up, down, right, and left!
The hadith says this Ummah will divide into 73
72 of those sects shall burn in Hell painfully.
Only one group shall be saved on that Day
Those who followed the Book and the Prophet’s Way
But all of those groups claimed to be doing the same!
“No, akhi – all but one were deserving of blame.
They strayed from the path at one point or another
They changed the religion, so calm down, brother.”
Anyone can say that they’re following the truth.
But is it Shi`ism, Sunnism, or Tasawwuf?
Let’s take it back home and go back to the hadith,
And hold to its meaning to avoid the grief.
The ones saved from Hell are the ones who stayed true
To the same Islam as the noble companions knew.
They adhered to the Blessed Book and Prophetic Way
The way the Sahaba understood, back in the day.
So our understanding of Islam has to be theirs
And we might be considered strange, but really, who cares!
We want to follow Islam the right way,
Regardless of what misguided people might say
So how does this relate to me right now?
If theirs is the way to follow, then please, tell me how?

Well, my dear brother, you need to be sincere
And you need to open your eyes and unclog your ears.
Take any part of the Deen you know
And forget who exactly told you so.
Just find the proof for all of your beliefs,
And don’t forget the last step you need to complete.
Take the aya or hadith you use as proof:
Did the Sahaba agree that your understanding is the truth?
Did they understand it the way that you say?
Or is this the explanation of someone gone astray?

And if it’s an action related to worshiping Allah,
Whether it’s Dhikr, Du’aa, or even Salah,
Don’t invent ways the companions wouldn’t do
The Deen is already perfect and it needs nothing new.

Allah tests every servant according to his ability
We were not commanded with religious creativity
Just to learn the Deen as it was revealed
And to implement it the way the early Muslims perceived

It’s an easy concept that we hope not to take for granted
Following the Sunnah as not to be reprimanded
For adhering to the Prophet’s way we were commanded
It’s reward shall be great in our books we’ll be handed

So take any notion you may have doubts about
Do your research on them in order to truly find out.
If they’re not proven through Qur’an and Hadith
Then don’t adopt them as your Islamic belief.
And if it’s not a belief, but just a practice,
Then drop that deed like a thorny cactus.

But if you find some evidence for the belief or the deed,
Then the final step is one which you truly will need.
Make sure the companions understood it that way.
If they did, then good job, and have a great day.
And if they didn’t, then by now, you should know what to say:
“I don’t need doubts or any shades of gray,
I just need the Book and the Prophet’s way!”

The way Islam is properly learned, taught, and implemented
Is through the Qur’an and Sunnah, as the Sahaba comprehended.

– By Ramy Nouman

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