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Importance of Lowering Your Gaze

18 June 2013 6,958 views No Comment

by Nayab Sana

March 2013


My favorite ayahs in Surat’l-Nur are verses 30 and 31. In these ayahs, Allah (exalted is He) says:

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze, and protect their private parts. That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is All Aware of what you do. And tell the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty…” [Quran, 24:30-31]

These ayahs clarify for the believing men and women how they should behave. There are many benefits of lowering your gaze. One benefit mentioned by Ibn Qayyim is that “it is obedience to the command of Allah, which brings happiness to man in this world and the next.” This statement clearly tells us that similar to this world where we can get anything with money and be happy, in the hereafter, our wealth and happiness will be from the ajar that we collect by listening and acting upon Allah’s commands.

In today’s world, almost no one lowers their gaze because since doing so is not the trend based on today’s societies. When one applies this advice, the benefits and reasons to why a person should lower their gaze become clear. Let’s think about the things around us, are they so important to stare at? What will you gain from looking at the people around you? You will definitely not benefit yourself, instead you will think about disturbing thoughts which will influence wrong actions. If you lower your gaze, you will have no problems and your day will go smoothly because you will be listening to Allah who helps you in every step you take.

Another benefit of lowering your gaze is that “it prevents the poisoned arrows (of the Shaytaan), which may lead to his doom, from reaching his heart.” If we think about it, there are many people who are accused of many crimes, such as adultery, because they get captured in Shaytaan’s arrows which leads them to do indecent acts. Ibn Qayyim continues to say,“the reason behind this is that the reward is of the same type as the action. So whosoever lowers his gaze from the unlawful for the sake of Allah, the Mighty and Magnificent, He will replace it with something better than it of the same type. So just as the servant restrained the light of his eye from falling upon the unlawful, Allah blesses the light of his sight and heart thereby making him perceive what he would not have seen and understood had he not lowered his gaze.” This quote touched my heart because it shows that we get such a beautiful reward for a small easy act done for the sake of Allah.

One of my favorite benefits is that “between the eyes and the heart there is a connection which means that the one is affected by the other, and if one of them becomes good, the other will also become good, and if one becomes corrupt the other will become corrupt. If the heart becomes corrupt the gaze will become corrupt, and if the gaze become corrupt the heart will become corrupt, and similarly if one is sound the other will also be sound.” This is my favorite benefit because sometimes this happens to me and I have seen this happening to others as well. Therefore, lowering my gaze is a very important part of my life and it should be for everyone. For some people, it is hard to lower their gaze. Doing dhikr will help them stop looking at indecent figures and objects. So remember, the next time you see the opposite sex with something that attracts you, your reaction should be to lower your gaze and do dhikr. Inshallah Allah, the All Mighty and Magnificent, will surely reward you for this action and for taking a step towards Him.

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