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Do You Truly Understand Your Lord?

20 October 2009 1,748 views No Comment

How often do we belittle Surah Ikhlaas thinking that it is just something small for children to memorize? This surah is actually equal to a whole third of the Qur’an. We might ask ourselves how this surah could possibly make up that much when it is only made up of four short ayat. The Qur’an is divided into three main categories: Tawheed, Ahkam (rulings), and stories. Surah Ikhlaas does a quick summary on the Tawheed category of the Qur’an because it gives us information about Allah.

What is the story behind the revelation of this short surah? The people were confused and they wanted to know who Allah was, so this surah was an excellent opportunity to obtain this piece of information. Allah revealed this surah to answer the questions that they had about their Lord.

The first ayah of this Surah is a commandment for the Prophet to say that their Lord is Ahad which means the absolute One. Allah is unique and there is absolutely no one that is like Him. He is better than all of the rest and He beats everybody. Wahid means one also, but Ahad is more unique and the only one.

The second ayah tells us that Allah is As-Samad which means self-sufficient. Allah is the Master, the leader who is perfect, the most Majestic, and the One who is sought after to help you in your needs and wants. Allah is self-sufficient and He does not need anyone for anything, but we all need Him and depend on Him for everything.

The first part of the third ayah tells us that Allah has no children and the second part tells us that He has no parents. This disproves Christianity because Christianity teaches the belief in the trinity which includes God having a child (Jesus (PBUH)).

The last ayah of Surah Ikhlaas says that there is absolutely no one who is equal or even comparable to Allah. This ayah mentions the word “kufuwan” which means none that can be equal to. This ayah also mentions the word “Ahad” because He is the One unlike any other and He is unique.

This is a very important surah that we should love because the only thing it talks about is Tawheed and we need to know our Lord. How would we be able to worship and obey someone who we had absolutely no knowledge on? One Sahabi loved this surah so much that he would recite it in every single rak’ah. The Prophet said that because of his love for this surah, Allah loves him.

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