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Surah Falaq

Authentic knowledge is the foundation of everything in Islam.

Allah (azza wa jal) wipes away the layers that blind you when you have knowledge

Surah Abasa

It is of the manifestations of love, that you advise and correct the beloved out of genuine care and concern for them, which is what we see here with Allah and his Messenger in this surah.

Surah Balad

By default, this dunya was never meant to be jannah for us..

Surah Inshirah

Sometimes the hardest moments in your life are the ones filled with the sweetest moments of true iman.

Surah Abasa

The disbelievers wonder how they will come to life again after they are buried in their graves. By burying a seed and watching it grow, we are witnessing resurrection.

Surah Humazah

Before you commit a sin, light a match and put your hand over it. If you can withstand the pain, go ahead and disobey Allah.

Surah Mutaffifeen

The best people are those who are of benefit to other people.

Surah Alaq

Our wealth is limited. Spend, so Allah will spend on you.

Surah A’laa

The fear (taqwa) that we have of Allah is not only fear of His punishment, but also fear of disappointing Him.

Surah Al-Layl

If we forget the akhirah, there will be no limit to our desires in this world.

Surah Fajr

Iman is fueled by knowledge, don’t be overcome with emotions.

Surah Duha

True and sincere gratefulness to Alah for His blessings is to utilize the blessings (social services).

Surah Asr

Allah commands us to exhort one another to truth and patience. If we are ignorant of the truth and don’t have the knowledge, how are we going to participate in establishing it.

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