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Fiqh of L♥ve – A P☻em

18 February 2010 1,462 views No Comment

By Anonymous

From the words of the Lord above, watching us,

Shaikh Waleed came to NY to teach us the Fiqh of Love,

He had some goals for us, to appreciate the work of the scholars,

To get results in our lives, become better spouses and followers.

The Prophet as a husband, the fact that he is our best example,

In every aspect of his life, he had extremely high credentials,

He married all his wives for elevated reasoning, not similar to the cats today,

Even in expressing love for our wives, we barely follow his way.

He told us: The best of you is the best to his family,

Told us to live with our spouses in kindness, and what a man has to be,

To conquer the insanity in a world full of deceitful humanity,

Guys and girls not committed in half of faith, what a calamity.

Love in Islam was well known in the time of ‘Aisha and even Khadijah,

We know the extremes of love in the story of Mugheeth and Bareera,

Can u imagine someone loves someone so much and they don’t love them back,

Many claim love is sex, infatuation and passion, love people do attack.

But these philosophers who attack love need to go back to their caves,

Love has gradual levels, so sorry to the one who never falls in to a daze,

But acts with ‘Affaf, keeps up his or her modesty,

Just cause you’re modest don’t mean you won’t fall in love, honestly.

It’s a prophecy, that everyone, before marriage, will find a match,

Whether it’s the merciful love or not, you will get attached,

Unless you abstain from wrong actions, follow Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala)’s sanctions,

Do you want to be shaded on the day when the sun’s heat is in expansion?

Understand the causes of indecency so you don’t feel their attention,

Islaam establishes ‘Afaaf as a doctor teaches you disease prevention,

I feel immense, son, when I explore the fiqh of this love dimension,

Girls need to marry for manners and deen to avoid tribulation.

The purposes of marriage were next explored, procreation and forming society,

Fulfilling your pleasure is a part as is forming the cornerstone of our community,

Anxiety hits us when we try to choose the right spouse,

Beauty, religion and character aid us in building a strong house.

Choose the best for your seed, marry one with piety,

Souls are like soldiers, attracted to those whom they need,

Marriage can also make u look at one with lineage, love or virginity,

The hunt has started for most of us, consultations aid us in our formalities.

Someone stop me please, I need istikhaarah cause I get weak,

And start thinking emotionally and I ask my Lord to aid me, please,

For the search for a spouse takes patience and it is more than just a tease,

The qualities we look for in a spouse may make most of us freeze.

Freeze…and then go on and only offer your sister,

If you have her consent and non-resistance,

Whether it’s arranged or not, you need a woman’s permission,

Why would one want someone’s body but not her heart’s submission?

But before that, let’s go back and learn how to propose,

It can be overt or implicit, implicit for the one who is divorced,

More than one proposal can be accepted for a girl that you chose,

I didn’t stutter, and to more than one can a man propose.

What is forbidden is to play with one’s heart,

To make it start and stop, marrying with wrong intentions makes Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala)’s wrath impart,

Be careful and look at the one whom you want to give your heart,

But don’t do it out of lust, desire or in a private library or park.

The sisters disliked Ibn Hazm when he told us: a man can see,

The complete body of a woman, he was literal on texts, you see,

Love at first sight is not always right even if you think it’s destiny,

You need time to see if the person is right for thee.

Explore their family and outlook on life, with permission of the Wali,

Pictures from the internet, I already said: if it’s consented by the Wali,

That means any conversations or meetings must be permitted to be,

Gifts are permissible when you’re engaged, like an IlmRush CD…

There’s body language to avoid in gaining magnetic likeability,

I wish I had notes on this part, I am sure then I would be deep,

There are ten topics we should discuss before we tie a knot that is steep,

Know education, religion, employment and their habits/hobbies.

I know some want to say can you just stop this,

It’s too much information, but let’s talk about breaking a promise,

When you’re engaged and you break it, there’s always a consequence,

There’s emotional, material results of such a sad context, in fact it’s nonsense.

To promise someone something that you cannot keep,

The definition of wanting someone is to sweep them off their feet,

And then there’s the definition of marriage, it’s a contract and acceptance,

Of it means a life partner to whom you fill up with affection.

It’s passionate love at first and then the heart shows us its mercy,

Whoever has the ability should get married, there’s no controversy,

It kind of hurts one to see the evil relations that result from those who wait,

They don’t fast, think about the next little fling and they start to date,

We need to educate others about how important the opposite gender is, mate

For those who have a bad past with dating, it is never too late…

To get an offer and accept it, change your life and make it perfect,

We all need to turn to Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala), whether divorced, widowed or emotionally affected,

While the integrals of marriage have a difference of perception,

At least between the bride’s wali and the groom should be an offer and acceptance.

Instead of finishing up the last 60 pages of the class, stop for a reflection,

We pay 165 dollars for a class, that teaches us more than online selection,

And these books on marriage that we read, these soap operas that we breed,

Inside us they totally corrupt us, that’s why we need fiqh of love to help us breathe.

And in even a thing such as marriage, it is only Allah (Subhana wa Ta’ala)’s approval that we need.

Marriage is an act of worship and with this I ask to leave.

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