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Important Lessons Learned from the Fiqh of Death Class

9 March 2011 1,816 views No Comment

When I wrote my first article in Tayybah Times after I took the ‘Fiqh of Salah’ class then I thought  If I would get another chance then I would write another article and  here I am writing my second article.

The important lessons I have learned from the ‘Fiqh of death’ class are the following:

When people die they go through many difficulties. Sometimes we make comment that if a person suffers a lot before die then because that person did such and such bad things and that’s why he was suffering. But from the class we have learned that actually all those who were righteous people, why they were so much in pain when their soul was coming out? It is because we believe that Allah (SWT) wants to elevate them in the day of Judgment and that’s why He (SWT) gave them so much pain during their death.

We have learned that



Ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT), If Allah forgives then the sin is cleared


Another way sin gets cleared when people make repentance to Allah (SWT)



When catastrophe comes in life then it will clear the sin

For example, if earth quake or tsunami, or any other catastrophe happens then people die as a shahid and sins get cleared.


If the above conditions do not clear the sins then hardship during death will clear the sin. Sometimes people suffer a lot during the time of their death which actually will clear the sins.


And if that does not clear the sin then

Punishment in the grave will clear the sin



Hardship in the Day of Judgment will clear the sin

People will be horrified and terrified in the Day of Judgment.


If the above does not clear the sins then

Standing in front of Allah – fearing of Allah will clear the sin. They will fear of Allah so much that Allah (SWT) will forgive them because of their fearing of Allah


Fearing/Terrifying of crossing the ‘pul sirat’ will clean the sin

If they fell from pul sirat then they will go to the hell for a short period of time and then after purification will go to heaven inshaAllah.  There are so many other things we have learned from the class such as


Prophet (pbuh) said no two people should be talking their language when 3rd person present with different language.

Sheikh also mentioned that because you know one hadith then just do not start arguing with people that they are wrong and you are right. May be you are right according to that hadith you know, but there could be more hadith on that topic and could have different opinion on that.

I have learned about the definition of death, good ending, bad ending, how to wash the body, the complete burial process, the reasons of punishment in the qabr and many more things.

After took this class I have requested to a local masjid to give me a chance to wash the body. Since then I think of death more frequently than before.

Overall this was an excellent class and I have learned many things from this class.

by br. Ferdous

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