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What started out as an idea in the mind of one person a mere number of months ago has grown to become an ever growing family of dedicated note-takers, compilers, editors, formatters, designers, and all around seekers of knowledge.  With sought-after notes that have become more professional with each seminar, Project Professional Notes has become a trademark in the AlMaghrib realm…………and yet we can’t stop there.

You want proof? Well, take a click around!!

That’s right, a Google group was simply not enough for us. We had to have a website to allow us to better uphold our original goals:

PPN Mission Statement

To preserve (record, compile, and format) the precious jewels of knowledge given at AlMaghrib Seminars (seminar content) in the best possible format (easy to understand) and disseminate them to students of knowledge all around the world.

And so, inshallah, we hope to meet the above mentioned aims and we hope that what you see here proves to be of benefit.

All we ask in return is for you to keep our crew of 30+ members in your du’aas for without their dedication and endless hours of toiling, perfecting and polishing, none of this would be possible.

Jazaakum Allaahu khair, Enjoy your stay!

WasSalaamu ‘alaikum waRahmatullaahi waBaraakatuh.

All PPN Publications and More can be found here.


for some more background info about this project, click here

alHamdu lillaah, Tayybah’s PPN team is at it again… with their own blog that promises to catch the essence of every seminar and it’s impact on Tayybah, along with memorable moments and pictures galore!

That’s in addition to the Notes of course. And not any notes, the much coveted “Professional Notes”…

Higher Standards, that’s our goal. More to come ISA.

so yallah, Bismillaah!

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